One foot here, one foot there (a.k.a. Moving)

Transition involves all sorts of weird emotions. On the one hand, it’s very exciting and I find myself jumping up and down, clapping my hands, and making random squeaky noises. We’re embarking on a new adventure, I get an art room, and it’s fun to move into a new place.

Then just moments after feeling great jubilee, I’m hit with nostalgia – all the memories we’ve had at our current place, the little quirks about our apartment and our neighbors that I’ve come to enjoy. And then there’s the going-through-the-stuff process, where I find all sorts of reminders of where I’ve been and have a variety of reactions to them. I found a card from my grandparents from my college graduation (with an invitation to go see The Lion King on broadway with them) and started crying because I miss my grandma. It brought back a whole flood of memories and then I couldn’t recycle any of the cards she wrote me.

Each day this week is an adventure, a weird roller coaster where I really don’t know what’s coming next. But this morning, I’m thankful to wake up next to my best friend and face the day together.


One thought on “One foot here, one foot there (a.k.a. Moving)

  1. I completely understand with moving. It was really hard on me emotionally leaving my parents and everything that I knew was at the house I grew up in. I was leaving after 24 years into another house/place in life. Soon your new place will feel like home too. 🙂

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