Why? (p.s. this is my 100th blog post)

If you’re the observant type, you probably noticed my blog title and little catchphrase: “Developing Brakes: the art of slowing down”. This week while explaining to someone how to find my blog, I remembered why I chose that title. You see, I like to go fast. I like to do. I like to move. Generally, I like being busy, with lots of people to see and things to do. I enjoy working hard, and spending hours doing something I love.

Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with any one of these desires. But I can reach a point where I forget why I’m going, doing, and moving. I do things without purpose or meaning. Or I go so fast that I miss out on the little moments. You know, the ones where you’re supposed to “smell the roses”. It’s like I’m on a rollar coaster, screaming and laughing and shutting my eyes. Sure, I’m having fun – but I have no idea what I passed on my wild ride through. I couldn’t tell you what was in the blur, or if it was important at all.

rollarcoasterSo I like to say that my life, and my spirituality, is all about developing brakes. The art of slowing time. Of taking time to see, reflect, wonder. I want to move at a pace where I can dream and be. To be able to experience the energy and excitement of running ahead, interspersed with times of stillness, silence, and the grace of a moment.

Tonight after a day of homework, conversations, games, going, and doing, my husband and I snuggled up in our pjs. We just finished a movie, and the room was utterly still. I ran my fingers through his hair, as he laid on the bed next to me, and my mind began to come up with all the things we could do – play a game, watch a show, work on a scrapbook. But then I felt myself stop, and soak in the moment. I remembered how much I love him, how nice it is be together. I took a deep breath and felt my body relax. I smiled.

This is why I want to learn the art of slowing down, of developing brakes. Because life goes quickly, and if we’re not careful, we’ll miss the beautiful moments in the blur.


2 thoughts on “Why? (p.s. this is my 100th blog post)

  1. That was my favorite post ever. Happy ending. Lovely. =) I miss you, friend! I would call you, but i no longer have a cell phone; at least for now. But enjoy the slowing down this holiday. 16 days till Christmas!

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