Why? (p.s. this is my 100th blog post)

If you're the observant type, you probably noticed my blog title and little catchphrase: "Developing Brakes: the art of slowing down". This week while explaining to someone how to find my blog, I remembered why I chose that title. You see, I like to go fast. I like to do. I like to move. Generally, … Continue reading Why? (p.s. this is my 100th blog post)


Oh that’s beautiful

There's something special about a sunset. Moments spent with friends. Shopping for wedding dresses. Card games and laughter. Writing words from the heart. Feeling God's Presence. These all could be described as beautiful. What makes them beautiful? Connection with people, moments, shopping, a round of scum. Connection with God, Presence, the ocean, nature. They are … Continue reading Oh that’s beautiful