A Winter Solstice poem

If autumn is a slow death Then winter is her last step Almost suddenly Everything is gone Life on the surface Surrenders to frigid air And gives up its breath, its color, its warmth The last rose blooms And dies Fading color invites the Long, cold silence Where do you put hope in the darkest … Continue reading A Winter Solstice poem


A Poem: An Invitation To Die

Autumn is the greatest death Who can compare to the leaf's final days? With great flourish and beauty they die with their neighbors taking on fire, earth, light copper, crimson They know they must die and decide to do it majestically Entertaining and spellbinding the world Drawing more vibrancy from death than they did from … Continue reading A Poem: An Invitation To Die

On Wendell Berry

I was reading Wendell Berry tonight and felt inspired to write a little. Here is the short poem I wrote:  I wonder as I wanderwhat grace it musthave took, to createa world intricately bound together, knowingthat some of the creatures wouldseparate themselvesand mark the distance betweenthem, as holy.

Warning: You may start singing the Lion King at the top of your lungs…

Yesterday I worked in a garden. As my husband and I walked back to our house, he spoke about how nice and comforting it was to be in the dirt. I said that I think it's because the dirt reminds us of the circle of life (cue music), and our place in it. We were … Continue reading Warning: You may start singing the Lion King at the top of your lungs…