In the process of being less defensive, I stopped talking.

Around September last year, I started reading a book called "Radical Collaboration", which deals with self-awareness and defensiveness in teamwork (and just being with people in general). It has several "testers" to gauge your defensiveness and also your "hot buttons". I was unpleasantly shocked by how defensive I was and how many things I get upset about. … Continue reading In the process of being less defensive, I stopped talking.



Tonight during my usual reflect-on-and-try-to-make-sense-of-my-life time of the evening, I remembered a scar on my stomach. It's about 3 inches long and nearly a centimeter high - you would think I wouldn't forget about it. I'm painfully aware of it during swimsuit season and I used to be quite self-conscious about it as I was getting to know … Continue reading Scars

A Ruckus Rumpus Sort of Worship

This weekend I journeyed to an adventurous and lively festival known as Wild Goose. In Celtic Spirituality, the Holy Spirit is represented not as a peaceful dove, but a wild goose. And my oh my, did we have a wild and crazy time! There was dancing and body painting, fiery speakers and art everywhere. One of my favorite … Continue reading A Ruckus Rumpus Sort of Worship