I almost died

Today marks 5 years from a simultaneously scary and sacred day. 5 years ago, my dad rushed me to the hospital where I discovered I had a ruptured appendix, that it had likely ruptured TWO DAYS before and I was now in danger of losing my life. After lots of drugs, emergency surgery, and waking … Continue reading I almost died



Moving from one place to another. Exchanging locations. Switching jobs. Shuffling stuff. Re-decorating. New people. New places to get lost in. Transition for me goes something like this: extreme amount of excitement and anticipation, feeling overwhelming, just getting it done, stress catching up to me, breaking down, re-adjusting, laughing, talking through it all, settling. In … Continue reading Transition

I don’t feel very thankful

Being the season of Thanksgiving, reading about prayers of adoration and praise, and the general merriment around made me realize: I really don't feel like being thankful. I have many assignments to complete, not many friends in Lincoln City, stressful relationships, and in general I feel pretty lonely, frustrated, and down-trodden. So what is with … Continue reading I don’t feel very thankful

In need of a punching bag…thoughts of a grumpy soul

Some days do not invite gratitude. Expectations are left un-met and messy. People are butt-heads. I mean, just think about it. There are plenty of reasons to be grumpy: feet - I mean really plans being changed pain - hurt toe, stomach ache, throbbing head... the feeling like you wasted time people being nosey And … Continue reading In need of a punching bag…thoughts of a grumpy soul