The Summer of Letting Go

This summer has been an amazing journey of growth and discovery. Much of it I'm not quite ready to share with the whole internet. (no offense) One part of this incredible last few months has been the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This little book by Marie Kondo dares a radical claim: that if you follow her … Continue reading The Summer of Letting Go


I've been learning a lot about grief recently. As I grieve and honor parts of myself and let them go. As I continue to grieve those who are no longer with us. As I learn how to feel all the feels that come with endings and beginnings, and missing people, and letting go. I'm also grieving the Northwest Yearly Meeting, and the Elders' decision to ask West Hills Friends to leave the Yearly Meeting, for being open and affirming to LGBTQ folks. I'm deeply saddened by this decision, and heartbroken about what this will mean for NWYM, for West Hills Friends, and for LGBTQ F/friends. To those who are grieving today, I want to add to the voices speaking out today and say: You are loved. You are worthy.